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guaranteed-credit-repairThe Liberty Credit Consulting Guarantee

If we don’t generate results for you in the fist 90 days of service we will refund 100% of your money – no questions asked.

Our guarantee is valid for clients of Liberty Credit Consulting who have signed up for our service. It’s important to note that this guarantee is not a guarantee of a specific outcome. No company can guarantee a specific outcome in this industry, including ours. Our guarantee is the only one of its kind in our business, and that’s because we believe in the service we provide and the life-changing opportunities it can create for our clients. We’re in the results business, and business is good. Click here to see what LCC can do for you.

Credit Repair GuaranteeWe Guarantee Our Service to Provide Peace of Mind

We take pride in the work that we do and the results we achieve, and stand behind it with our money-back guarantee. There are other companies in this industry who claim to offer guarantees, however theirs are not true guarantees, rather marketing gimmicks to make people believe that they are guaranteeing great results from their service. Our LCC Guarantee is different. We know that we offer the best guarantee in the business, and are proud to stand by it.

No company in the credit repair industry can claim to guarantee a specific outcome, and we don’t make that claim either. We do guarantee that we will use all of our experience and every tool available to maximize your potential for truly life-changing results that a great credit score can provide, and we promise to do it as quickly as we can.

When it comes to repairing your credit, we know what works. With a track record of  success and many satisfied clients, our focused approach to ethical and powerful credit repair can provide great results. We’re professionals, and we work hard for our clients every day so that they can overcome the burden of negative credit and unlock the opportunity that great credit provides.

Our core business is credit repair, it’s the only thing we do, and we think we do it pretty well. Results are what we are focused on achieving, and that goal is second only to providing an outstanding client experience that we know can only be accomplished through honesty, hard work, and secure real-time client communication. We go above and beyond to deliver this outstanding client experience for every customer, every day. We believe that’s the right way to do business, and we believe that our customers have the right to expect that from their credit repair company.

Our industry leading guarantee is a clear statement of our commitment to client satisfaction, and a vivid indicator that we stand behind our company, we put our clients first, and we’re proud of the work that we do.

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