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Our customer-centric view of credit repair means that we combine a wide range of powerful tools designed to leverage your individual circumstances and take full advantage of consumer protection laws. Because of this, we insure that we are able to provide you with the results you deserve. Our service can provide assistance with your credit profile whether you need to clean up your current credit, add positive credit, rebuild, or restructure and boost your credit scores. No matter your situation, Liberty Credit Consulting has an effective solution.

Credit Repair Service Results Guaranteed1. Customized Dispute Letters

We don’t do form letters. Many credit repair companies simply enter your information into their software and then auto-generate your dispute letters along with thousands of other clients. The credit bureaus are aware of this, and have developed sophisticated technology to identify those letters which are all exactly the same as everyone else’s, and then weed them out without reviewing them. They call the practice filing a frivolous dispute, and most of the biggest and highest paid credit repair companies do it to the detriment of their clients. Liberty Credit Consulting believes that everything we do during the dispute process needs to be unique in order to contribute to its overall effectiveness. Our customized dispute letters are written with your individual circumstances painted in a light that the credit bureaus will understand and respond to, while still remaining legal and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. With a track record of results, you can rest assured that our experience with writing dispute letters is called upon with every round of communication we create on behalf of our clients.

2. Customized Re-Dispute Letters

Most credit repair companies are able to keep their clients paying them for years because they believe in playing games instead of getting results. If information in an original dispute is returned as verified by the credit bureaus, which is very common, most other credit repair companies simply mail the same letter again. This allows them to bill their clients for one more month while appearing as though they are providing a service. Liberty Credit Consulting doesn’t work in that manner. If information that we challenge is returned as verified by the credit bureaus, we will again draw on our experience to create a customized response in order to continue pressuring the bureaus until your rights are secured.

3. Statute of Limitations

Did you know that it is very easy to “restart” the debt clock when contacting collectors about their accounts? There are also very strict laws in place, both Federal and State, which limit the time collectors can report information onto your credit file or continue with collection activities. We will check the statute of limitations for the debt before attempting any communication with collectors to fine tune our strategy and allow us to pursue the best course of action to ensure the best possible results.

4. Your Credit Score is Your Life

Optimizing your credit score for the FICO® algorithm can involve several different actions, including adding positive credit, reducing or restructuring balances, possibly closing accounts and more. We will thoroughly review your credit reports against the FICO® standards and let you know the exact steps you can take to combine with negative account removal which will greatly improve your credit repair experience.

5. Going Above and Beyond

In addition to our dispute management service, we also provide related services to maximize our clients’ potential for success. We will provide debt validation, goodwill letters, and debt negotiation consultations and tactics that have proven to be highly successful in the past. These targeted, specialized tools are not applicable to all clients, and your Liberty Credit Consulting Client Manager will advise you if employing these tactics is necessary or appropriate to your case. Some services, such as debt negotiation, require additional fees.

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