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guaranteed-credit-repairOur Dispute Methodology

The Liberty Credit Consulting credit repair process is based on our company’s Technical Dispute Methodology (TDM). This simple process relys on focused information sets within your credit reports. We will compare the information on your credit reports to what is legally allowed to be there according to current consumer protection laws. Depending on a number of factors, including how your credit looks when you begin our service and what your credit activity consists of during our service, predictable and effective results are highly likely.

Credit Repair Company Gets ResultsWhere Do Our Average Customers Start?

Our clients come from all walks of life, and at various stages of their credit usage. Overall, the average client who seeks to utilize a service such as Liberty Credit Consulting clients is likely facing around 40 disputable accounts with an average credit score toward the lower end of the credit rating scale, which is approximately 500 – 550. These numbers are generic and our clients have had scores and issues that run the gamete of potential credit scenarios.

During the course of our service, which generally takes about 6 months, we dispute negative accounts on behalf of our clients. When negative accounts are removed and positive credit history is added, the resulting increase in credit profile ratings and scores can have a tremendous effect on borrowers. A mortgage applicant who has bad credit can easily pay $100,000 or more over the life or their mortgage compared to someone with good or exceptional credit, and these types of results are what our service can provide. Although no guarantees can be made, we have had many clients achieve credit scores above 700 by the time they finish our program. 1

How Can You Help Us?

No credit repair strategy can be complete without dedication from our client. Our efforts can provide an amazing transformation, however with your help and compliance in following our suggestions the results can be truly life-changing. Once you have made the decision to better your life, we will develop a plan and provide professional dispute management – your role in this joint effort will be essential and will consist of maintaining and managing your credit for maximum effect. Deleting negative information from your credit reports is a crucial piece to the puzzle, however this act alone will not provide the most benefit without your dedication and continued good credit management techniques.

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  1.  Not every account which is negative is a candidate for dispute. Before we begin with your service, Liberty Credit Consulting will review your credit reports to identify accounts which are not in compliance with consumer protection laws as well as other questionable items you may want to dispute. The results we have outlined above represent averages based on available information and statistics and are not a guarantee of success.