Fastest Results

We follow a process designed to produce fast results, usually about 4 months or less.

Process Automation

Our smart onboarding system allows our clients to complete their own onboarding process.

No Monthly Billing

It can take 30 days or longer to receive responses to your initial disputes and move on to the next round.

Writing Services

Our letter writing service highlights consumer rights under laws such as the FCRA and others.

Maximum Privacy

Sensitive data is shared through our encrypted client portal for increased safety and privacy.

Steady Improvements

Negative information removed from your credit reports can result in steady increases.

We follow a process.

There is a step-by-step process we will take when creating your letters. Let us know each time you receive a response so we can continue the process.

Expect results in a few months.

Our program takes about 4 months for many clients, much shorter than the year or more most credit repair companies want to bill you for.

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We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

We charge just $49 per dispute letter that we create for you. There are no account setup, recurring, or hidden fees. Your credit repair letters are created from the start with a multi-step process in mind, so we hope that you will let us know as soon as you receive your responses so we can move to the next step if needed, however this isn't required.

Will I be required to sign-up for a monthly recurring bill?

With our pay as you go pricing, you don't have to pay anything more if you don't want to.  

How will you 'pull' my credit reports?

During our onboarding process, you will be able to sign-up with our preferred credit report provider so that we can upload your credit reports into our software. This will also provide you with your 3-bureau credit scores. The fee for the credit scores, reports and monitoring is $1 for the first seven days and can be cancelled at any time.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. Our service was designed to serve those on a budget, and we believe the entire process can be completed via our secure portal and email. Since our letter writing service isn't providing credit repair advice, we can usually research our client's credit reports and concentrate on writing dispute letters as needed.

Do you write individual dispute letters for each negative item?

Although we will dispute every negative item on your credit reports unless you indicate an item that should not be disputed, our service is provided on a per-letter basis, and we can fit multiple negative items into each letter. For example, if you have 4 negative accounts on your Experian credit report, this would be billed as one letter to Experian, rather than four. If letters were also needed for Equifax and TransUnion, this would be 3 letters, as opposed to twelve. We can process up to 5 negative items per letter.

Do you dispute all negative items on my credit report?

Unless you let us know that there is a negative item which shouldn't be disputed, we will attempt to dispute every negative item on your credit reports. You often have the right to have these items removed if they are inaccurate or unverifiable, and our letter writing process was designed to highlight consumer protections, which are governed by several established laws.

What kind of results can I expect?

You should expect good results. If you have negative items on your credit report, you have the right to dispute them. If they aren't being reported in accordance with the law, then our process will help to effectively leverage your rights to produce verifiable positive results.

Will telemarketers call me to try to make me purchase more?

No, they won't. When, and if, you decide that you need additional letters prepared, we are here to help. Although many of our clients have taken about 4 months to fully complete the program, some clients are so satisfied with their initial results that they decide no more letters are needed. The choice is entirely yours, and we will never call to bug you about moving forward in the process. We do highly encourage you to stay engaged and let us know when you're ready to move forward so that you keep going until you get the best results possible.

Pay only for what you need

We know everyone is starting this credit repair journey from different places. Whether you need a single letter prepared, or several months of responses, our pricing plan couldn't be simpler.

We charge just $49 for each letter we create for you. When we start, we work from a plan that is specifically designed to work in about 4 months.

Simple Pricing

We have a proven process for success, and transparent pricing is a big part of that. We won't charge you endless monthly fees and try to string out as many billing cycles as we can. Once you see the quality of the letters we create for you, and the results they produce, we are confident that you will follow-up with us for all of your letter writing needs.

  • No recurring billing
  • Credit report review and research
  • Written credit report audit
  • Custom, multi-step plan

Just $49/letter

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