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Learn Credit Repair For Personal Or Business Use

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Our credit repair course is provided free of charge. It includes step-by-step instructions and a dispute letter library with over 90+ professionally written dispute letters that can be customized and used for almost any purpose.

Dispute Tracker Included

The course includes a dispute tracking tool that can uploaded to a Google docs account and used in the cloud to track client disputes.

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With a free course such as this one, there is absolutely no-risk to taking the first step to living a life with great credit. Click the green link above to enroll right now or learn more.

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The extra amount those with bad credit will pay for a car
Average extra mortgage expense of less than perfect credit
Percent of credit reports estimated to contain errors
Total number of errors on American credit reports (and counting)

Credit Repair Training Course

Who is Liberty Credit Consulting?

LCC is a registered, bonded and certified credit services organization listed with the Texas Secretary of State. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Texas – we can most likely still help you too. 

Formerly we assisted clients with less than perfect credit to help them acheive great credit to prepare for major credit based decisions such as mortgages.

One of the core business philosophies of LCC is that by helping as many people get what they want out of life as we possibly can, we will be aligning our clients’ and students’ best interests with that of our company.

To that end, LCC is going to focus on providing high value, cutting edge educational and training materials that can help entrepreneurs and businesses be even more successful.

Our credit repair training course has been made available for free indefinitely, so if you want to learn how to fix your credit or start a credit repair business, please click the link at the top of the page.

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Here's how to fix your credit

Did you know that according to CNBC, the number of errors on Americans’ credit reports is “astounding”?

According to Credit.com, having just slightly inferior credit can add almost $30,000 to the cost of a mortgage. 

What is the total cost of having bad credit? Many estimates indicate that the average American will pay between $300,000 and $1,000,000 in additional charges, fees and interest over their lifetimes from having bad credit.

Our company wants to help our clients avoid this unfortunate and expensive trap. Bad things happen to good people, and we are here to help. 

We don’t believe that credit repair should take a long time or be expensive – so we created an online resource for anyone to learn how to fix their own credit, or fix the credit of their client.

Inside the course students will find the most complete set of tools available to achieve outstanding results, including a dispute letter index of 90+ professionally written, attorney reviewed dispute letters that can be customized for almost any situation. 

Please click the link below to learn more:

Credit Repair Training Course

Liberate your credit Score with Liberty Credit Consulting