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Additional Services

Liberty Credit Consulting may provide additional services above and beyond our professional credit bureau dispute management. If necessary, we can provide the additional services listed below at no additional charge to ensure we try every possible option to help you reach your credit goals. These additional services are focused, individual use tools or tactics we may decide to utilize if applicable to your situation.

Customized Debt Validation Letters

We provide customized debt validation letters as applicable to certain collection accounts that appear on your credit report. After you receive a letter in the mail from a debt collector, you have the right to ask the collector to validate the debt. The debt collector is required to provide you with legally acceptable proof of their right to collect the debt and with a description of the amount they are claiming they are owed.

Although this technique is widely used, it should be used with caution. Any time you contact a collector regarding a debt, there is a chance it may trigger new and sometimes aggressive collection tactics. Debt validation letters need to be crafted in a technical manner so as not to trigger new collection activity, while at the same time producing the desired effect. We do not perform debt validation for every debt, rather we reserve this option only for the accounts we feel it is necessary and after first discussing the risks and benefits with you, our client.

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Credit Repair Company Additional ServicesCustomized Goodwill Letters

Often times Goodwill letters can be used to appeal to an original creditor and to ask them to remove a derogatory item from your credit history. These letters are not disputes. They are best used when a client has an otherwise satisfactory history with a creditor and intends to remain one of their customers. In order for a Goodwill letter to be effective it generally needs to include a statement that you intend to continue doing business with the creditor, and that you will not make late payments any further.

A typical example of when a Goodwill letter would be most effective would be to request the removal of a negative credit entry related to an isolated late payment more than 6 months ago, followed by perfect payment history from that point forward. Although Goodwill letters are popular throughout internet discussions, they rarely result in the desired effect. LCC will use these letters as deemed necessary.

Customized Debt Settlement Letters and Negotiation Consultations

We have extensive experience negotiating with collectors. Many times, it is both faster and easier to offer a partial payment to a collector for full credit of the debt. Our knowledge of this can help you craft an outstanding payment arrangement which may allow you to have your debt legally repaid and permanently erased from your credit profile for much less than you may think. Prior to entering into any negotiations with collectors or original creditors we will review the statute of limitations for your jurisdiction, discuss whether or not debt validation would be prudent, and go over payment amounts and other considerations. Obviously the outcome of debt negotiation varies for every client, but we have been able to generate amazing deals for our clients in the past. Offering a partial payment will restart the debt clock if not done correctly, so do not attempt this technique without consulting us first. Once we decide this is the best option, we will review everything with you beforehand to let you know our strategy for success.

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Don’t worry if you are uncertain which of these tools, if any, you will need to use to repair your credit. We are experts at reviewing credit profiles and will let you know if any of these options are a good fit for your particular case. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us. We are happy to discuss your situation and give you some honest answers. We don’t employ salespeople so you won’t be pressured to buy anything if you’re not ready to signup for our service. Please feel free to let us know what questions you have – we want to hear from you!

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