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Getting started couldn’t be easier. Just complete our online signup form. Once you submit your information you will receive an email with instructions about how to get started. We start your credit repair fast and then keep up a steady pace until you’ve reached your goals. Sign up with no-risk thanks to our Money Back Guaranteethe only one of its kind in our industry.1 2

credit-repair-service-number-2New Client Intake and Account Creation

After you provide us with your credit reports will will conduct a thorough, line-by-line review of your records to identify the issues you are facing, and how we can use our “Factual Technical Dispute” process to identify and process dispute candidates. We will then email you the list along with any other information we take note of. 3

As part of our exclusive “Credit Restructing” program, we will also inform you of our recommended actions which we feel are best suited for optimizing, rebuilding or restructuring your credit profile to present the best FICO profile possible.



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  1.  In order for Liberty Credit Consulting to successfully prosecute any credit repair process we need to thoroughly review your credit reports, including before we can start, and every 30 days thereafter. We require all of our potential clients to obtain these credit reports and to allow our company access to them as required. Once you have signed up for our Credit Repair service, we will send you links to our recommended credit report providers, or you may find your own. Liberty Credit Consulting is not affiliated with any credit report provider we recommend, and we do not receive a commission or payment of any kind for recommending credit report providers. Full access to your 3-bureau credit report with monthly updates will generally include FICO┬« Scores (or estimated scores), 3-Bureau Monitoring, and ID Theft Protection.
  2. Our Money Back Guarantee is the only 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee in our industry. It is not a guarantee of a specific outcome. Read more about our guarantee here.
  3.  We will identify all negative or derogatory items on your credit reports which do not meet the consumer protections provided via the FCRA and other consumer protection laws, as well as other questionable items you may wish us to dispute, and prepare an easy to read list of these accounts. We will email you this list for your approval. Prior to starting our service, you may elect to add additional items from your credit reports you would like us to challenge, or request a personal consultation.
  4.  We will send certified dispute letters to the three major credit bureaus on your behalf. The three major credit bureaus we will send dispute letters to are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.