Move Past Your Mountains in Life

Deuteronomy 16 Liberty Credit Consulting

“…you have stayed long enough at this mountain.” (Deuteronomy 1:6, NIV) Are You Stuck at the Base of Your Mountain? Do you wake up each day looking forward to your financial future? Or, have you been caught under the weight of a mountain of financial difficulties which makes it seem as though you’ll spend the rest of your life crawling out from under their crushing weight? The Bible tells the story of the Israelites on their journey to their promised land. As they traveled the distance to their new home, they experienced some great setbacks, and when faced with their mountain of discouragement they abandoned their dream of a new settlement and decided to quit trying, and to settle where […]

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The Debt Collection Process


Imagine you are walking down the street and a person that you do not know, let’s call him Kurt, comes up to you and demands that you give him $5,000, which he claims that you owe him. You explain that you do not even know who he is let alone owe him five grand. He insists that you do owe him money because you owe Joe money (Joe is a mutual acquaintance). Kurt says that if you don’t pay him the money you owe Joe, he is going to call your future boss to make sure you don’t get hired, then he’s going to call your future landlord to make sure you can never rent another place to live, and […]

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