A Second Revenue Stream for Tax Preparers

A Second Revenue Stream for Tax Preparers If you are a tax preparer, you might benefit from an additional service that you can offer your clients year-round, regardless of changing tax codes, and competing tax preparation software and businesses. One of the easiest ways to create a second income stream for your tax preparation business is to offer your clients additional services, including a credit repair service. Not only will this create an additional recurring revenue income stream from your current client base, it will also help you stand out among the competition. To provide the most value to their clients, many tax preparers have adopted the following three steps: 1. Maximize Their Value Providing a credit repair service to […]

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DIY Credit Repair Kit

Click here for your DIY credit repair kit

Hello, I hope you’re having a great day today. Our DIY credit repair kit is free for a limited time. Our one-off DIY credit repair kit contains over 100 dispute letters, an excel tracking sheet, two outstanding step-by-step manuals and some phenomenal bonus material. If you are looking for something that can teach you everything about credit repair for business purposes, or to just provide yourself with great credit for the future, then this free download is it. Click below to learn more or download your copy of our DIY credit repair kit for free while it still lasts (normally $59). Click Here: Instant Free Download

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FICO Score Secrets

The Secrets behind the FICO Score If there was a number which could represent your financial well being to the companies you have to do business with in life, it would be your credit score. This secret number influences how much you pay for car insurance, your vehicle, your rent or mortgage payments, cable and phone down payment amounts and even employment decisions. If you aren’t completely sure what a credit score is and how it works, take a moment to review this important information. Your credit score is basically an algorithm that calculates a lenders risk of doing business with you. It is based on several factors, which each affect a percentage of your score.   Payment History – […]

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DIY Credit Repair Books and Resources

Did you know that you can fix your credit yourself without the help of a professional? If you are willing to invest the time and effort instead of paying us to do it for you, then you might be interested in our collection of DIY credit repair books and resources. Click here to visit the LCC Credit Repair Library to learn more and get started, or download the entire LCC Dispute Letter Library and get started down the road to great credit right now.

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A Prayer for Staying On Point

“Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way.” (Psalm 119:37, NKJV) Navigating The Seas of Life Every one of us has an opportunity. It doesn’t matter where we live on the planet, how much money we have, how educated we are, how athletic. The opportunity is everywhere, we just need to grab it, and hold on. The internet and digital products and marketing are making people money every single day. That’s what I want, and that’s what I want for others to. In order for us to get there though, we have to be able to manage our time effectively. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and if we can focus our thoughts […]

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The Debt Collection Process


Imagine you are walking down the street and a person that you do not know, let’s call him Kurt, comes up to you and demands that you give him $5,000, which he claims that you owe him. You explain that you do not even know who he is let alone owe him five grand. He insists that you do owe him money because you owe Joe money (Joe is a mutual acquaintance). Kurt says that if you don’t pay him the money you owe Joe, he is going to call your future boss to make sure you don’t get hired, then he’s going to call your future landlord to make sure you can never rent another place to live, and […]

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