A Second Revenue Stream for Tax Preparers

A Second Revenue Stream for Tax Preparers If you are a tax preparer, you might benefit from an additional service that you can offer your clients year-round, regardless of changing tax codes, and competing tax preparation software and businesses. One of the easiest ways to create a second income stream for your tax preparation business is to offer your clients additional services, including a credit repair service. Not only will this create an additional recurring revenue income stream from your current client base, it will also help you stand out among the competition. To provide the most value to their clients, many tax preparers have adopted the following three steps: 1. Maximize Their Value Providing a credit repair service to […]

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How To Download Free CR Kit

Credit Repair Kit - Free Download

Liberty Credit Consulting has created an outstanding free resource for anyone looking to start a home based business, repair their credit, or learn more about consumer credit. Our free credit repair kit contains several tools that will allow you to process credit report disputes for yourself, your friends and family, or your clients. Included is a professionally written, attorney reviewed dispute letter library that you can use as the basis for almost any credit dispute necessary. With almost 100 pre-written, Word formatted letter templates to choose from, this dispute letter library is one of the most comprehensive collections of credit repair letters available online, at any price. We’ve also included a custom Excel spreadsheet that you can use to track […]

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