DIY Credit Repair Course Module 12: Use This Course To Start Your Own Credit Repair Business

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Which Entrepreneurs Need Business Software?

Credit repair business software can help credit repair professionals streamline their business while offering their clients an impressive user experience. It also provides some outstanding benefits that can help tremendously with sales, on-boarding, billing and dispute management.

This Course Can Be Used To Help Clients With Bad Credit

For most entrepreneurs, the materials in this course will allow them to track disputes for their clients and customize dispute letters for them from the dispute letter index on the left.

For entrepreneurs who envision taking their business to the next level and servicing a larger number of clients, credit repair business software is something that they may want to consider.

Full disclosure: the credit repair business software referenced here is the same software that our company uses to manage our clients and process their disputes. It is also used for many of our “back end” requirements including billing and CRM. Because this software has been so helpful to us, we have also recommended it to potential credit repair entrepreneurs. Recently, we officially joined their affiliate program and will now receive a small commission if a student ultimately decides that this software will benefit their business as it has ours. 

One of the reasons we were initially so impressed is because there is no other company who is able to offer anywhere near the amount of free training, support, resources and upward momentum to credit repair entrepreneurs, and for good reason. 

Winning Big Requires Win-Win Situations

One of the most important things our company looks for in business relationships are win-win situations. With a credit repair business software provider, credit repair business owners form a kind of symbiotic relationship with the software provider where the business software provider has a strong vested interest in helping entrepreneurs create long-term, successful credit repair businesses. 

In order for a credit repair entrepreneur to need business software to run their business, they need to have a successful business. 

The creation of successful credit repair entrepreneurs is therefore directly in line with this company’s own pathway to success, meaning that the best way for their company to become highly successful is by helping entrepreneurs become successful enough with their credit repair operations that they grow large enough to need a software solution to operate their business.

For this reason, they provide the absolute best information available, through live training and other methods, that describe exactly what steps need to be taken to start and grow a high-demand, recurring revenue credit repair business. 

As a potential credit repair operator, when you reach the point that you are in need of a highly professional, robust solution to seamlessly grow your business is when you will want to consider a solution such as this one. The main advantage of this software is that it can greatly lower a credit repair operator’s workload. The efficiency of the software allows it to simultaneously increase sales productivity for credit repair operators, and also provide an upgraded client experience at the same time. This will increase client satisfaction, engagement, and revenue:

  • 30 day free trial – jump-start your business
  • Import your client’s credit reports and generate automated credit audits with 1 click
  • Have access to all client dispute data easily organized in one simple dashboard
  • Everything that is needed for entrepreneurs to start, run and grow their credit repair business, these are the same tools that are in use by multi-million dollar credit repair businesses.
  • Save hours of typing by importing clients’ credit reports with a patent pending system that automatically analyzes and highlights negative items for dispute and merges the data into perfect dispute letters every time.
  • Your clients can be entirely on-boarded, including signature capture on state compliant client agreements, from their MOBILE DEVICE (this is huge as it allows your mobile clients to sign up online – well over half of all internet traffic is on mobile devices)
  • Get paid faster with automated monthly billing
  • Manage your brand with your own white label client/affiliate portal

The benefits of this software are enormous to credit repair operators and highly recommended for anyone that wants to learn everything there is about how to start a recurring revenue credit repair business. Please click the link below to learn more:

How To Start A Credit Repair Business