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FICO Score Secrets

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The Secrets behind the FICO Score If there was a number which could represent your financial well being to the companies you have to do business with in life, it would be your credit score. This secret number influences how much you pay for car insurance, your vehicle, your rent or mortgage payments, cable and […]

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New Credit Repair Book Published

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Our new credit repair book is now available on Amazon. Bad Credit Kryptonite is the secret weapon against bad credit. This book details a simple, effective way to have negative information legally removed from your credit report. Your purchase from Amazon includes a free download of our entire Dispute Letter Library, formatted in Microsoft (R) […]

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Guaranteed Credit Repair for Great Credit

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Liberty Credit Consulting guarantees that our clients won’t pay one penny for our services until after we have obtained great results. We’re in the results business, and we don’t charge our clients until after we’ve provided an extremely valuable service, and the results have been independently verified. Don’t wait for great credit. Click here to […]