Easy and Effective – How to Pay Off Your Credit Cards

How to payoff your credit cards liberty credit consulting

Having credit cards can be a double edged sword. At first, the chance to be able to make regular payments to afford big ticket items that would otherwise be unattainable is very attractive. However, it’s very easy to make too many big purchases, or a lot of smaller purchases, while making minimum payments and racking up a significant amount of debt. The United States runs on debt. Our country as a government is trillions in debt, and each of us operates our own little personal GDP in much the same way. Few of us have the cash to go out and purchase a car, a house, medical procedures, daycare, or sometimes even a TV and other things we need to […]

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Move Past Your Mountains in Life

Deuteronomy 16 Liberty Credit Consulting

“…you have stayed long enough at this mountain.” (Deuteronomy 1:6, NIV) Are You Stuck at the Base of Your Mountain? Do you wake up each day looking forward to your financial future? Or, have you been caught under the weight of a mountain of financial difficulties which makes it seem as though you’ll spend the rest of your life crawling out from under their crushing weight? The Bible tells the story of the Israelites on their journey to their promised land. As they traveled the distance to their new home, they experienced some great setbacks, and when faced with their mountain of discouragement they abandoned their dream of a new settlement and decided to quit trying, and to settle where […]

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