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How to Order your FREE Credit Reports

Removing all negative entries from your credit reports does not need to be difficult or time consuming. Follow this simple step-by-step plan to get started immediately.

First, you need to get a copy of your three credit reports from the major credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You are entitled to request one free copy per year. Go to the official government website to request them for free. Annualcreditreport.com is the only place where you can get a free copy of your credit reports:


If you cannot request them online, you can mail a request for a copy to them directly at the following addresses:


P.O. Box 9556 Allen TX, 75013


P. O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374-0241


P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022-2000

Also, if you have been denied credit you are entitled to a copy of the credit report used to make the negative decision but you must request it within 60 days. When you were denied credit you were provided with a letter which states which bureau was used to provide the information that caused the negative decision. Write to the bureau (or go online) if you would like to receive a copy of the report.

How to Remove Negative Information from Your Credit Reports

Once you have copies of all of your credit reports, you can start to remove the information. Send a simple letter with a copy of your credit report and the following information:

Your Name

Your Address

Name of Credit Bureau

Dear Credit Bureau,

You are reporting information about me which is inaccurate. The following items are incorrect. I have also enclosed a copy of my credit report with the accounts in question clearly circled:

1. Account Number, Account Type

2. Account Number, Account Type

3. Account Number, Account Type

The above items are inaccurate. Please investigate and remove them immediately.

Encl: Credit Report (any additional information you will be enclosing)

The bureaus are required to investigate your dispute and provide you with the results within 30 days. They are required to delete information which is inaccurate, and to mail you a letter clearly explaining the results of their investigation and what steps they have taken (deleted, updated, etc.).

Make sure you send the letter via certified mail and keep copies of all information for your records. Never file a dispute online.

The Next Step

Within about 30 days you will receive responses from the bureaus. With the responses they are required to provide you with a new, updated copy of your credit report. If they have deleted the accounts, then your job is over. Make sure you do not contact the bureaus again regarding information marked as “deleted” in the response you receive from them.

If they remain, send them another letter and request what is called “method of verification” proof. Do this quickly, as you must request this proof within 15 days from the conclusion of your initial dispute. The best way to do it is to immediately send out this letter the same day you receive your dispute results from the bureaus. You can use the following letter as a guide:

Your Name

Your Address

Name of Credit Bureau

Dear Credit Bureau,

I previously disputed items which you verified as accurate. Please provide me with your method of verification or I am going to file a complaint against your company with the CFPB. Specifically, provide me with the following information in accordance with the FCRA:

1. Copies of any documents you used to make your decision, including electronic correspondence of all types

2. A copy of all information you sent to the data furnisher during your investigation, including transcripts of all telephonic conversations and any information you received from the data furnisher

3. The name, job title and contact information of the individual(s) you contacted at the data furnisher

4. The name, job title and contact information of all employees within your organization who played any part in handling this dispute

Obviously your continued reporting of this inaccurate information is causing me financial distress. Please provide me with the above information and delete these accounts from your report immediately. If I have not heard from you within 30 days from the date you receive this certified letter I will be filing a complaint against you, initiating other legal action, or both.

Encl: Original dispute letter (plus any additional information you will be enclosing)

In almost all of the cases I have dealt with, the above actions will result in the removal of information from your credit reports. If it does not, the steps to file a complaint against the bureaus through the CFPB to make them compy and remove the information are in the following chapters.

Our book goes into much greater detail regarding credit reporting, the collection process and other important credit information.

There is a large section devoted to dealing with collectors and removing them from your reports as well. Typically you will send them a “validation request” in addition to the steps above.

Here is the correct order to remove all negative accounts from your credit reports:

1. File a dispute with the bureaus, then wait 30 days for their response.

2. Request proof of the “method of verification” from the bureaus for information they do not delete.

3. If you are dealing with collectors, send them a “validation request” similar to the following:

Your Name

Your Address

Name of Collector

Dear Collector,

You are claiming I owe you a debt which is inaccurate. Please provide me validation of this debt immediately.

Account Number, Account Type

As you are no doubt aware, invalidated information must be removed from my credit reports immediately. Please note that I am not concerned with VERIFICATION of this debt. Send me VALIDATION at once.

From the date you receive this letter cease and desist from reporting this information onto my credit reports. Continuing to do so violates my rights and I will take action against you.

In your validation response, provide me with the following:

1. A description of what the money you are alleging I owe you is for

2. A detailed reconciliation of this account and how you have calculated the amount you claim I owe you

3. An explanation of who the original creditor is, when this account was last paid to the original creditor, and an originating document

4. Send me proof that the statute of limitations on this account has not expired

5. Include your license number (all of them), and your registered agent(s) information

Immediately cease reporting of this account during this validation period in accordance with the law, and make no further attempt to contact me regarding this account other than to notify me of your error by regular postal mail. I am closely monitoring and cataloging all communications with your company.

If you do not have validation or your records indicate you are attempting to collect this debt in error, send me a response stating this and immediately remove this account from my credit reports.

If you continue to report inaccurate information you are in violation of section 809(b) of the FDCPA and FCRA rule 611(a) and subject to a fine of $1,000 per violation which I intend to pursue if necessary.

The collector then has 30 days to provide you with validation or delete this info from your report. If they do not, you can file another dispute with the credit bureau or complaints against both the collector and the bureau for attempting to collect and report invalid information.

The dispute letter library is located in the appendix. Remember to rewrite all dispute letter templates you use because the bureaus will electronically scan them and mark them as “frivolous” if they have received many of the same letter from other consumers.

That’s all there is to it!

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