Amazon Credit Repair Books

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There are many credit repair books on Amazon, and most of them are very good. Each one can give you a different perspective on how to go at your credit repair.

A quick search for the term “amazon credit repair book” on (Google) lists “Credit Repair” for $6.99, “The Credit Repair Black Book” for $15.95, and “Hidden Credit Repair Secrets for $8.49” as the top three listings. Each of these books are excellent, and I recommend that you download each one and learn the lessons inside.

“Credit Repair” by Robin Leonard and Margaret Reiter is a paperback only book (no Kindle or eBook version available) and is an excellent reference and in-depth look at the entire credit repair industry. At $15.95, this book tips the scales as the most expensive by far. Again, it is one of the best written and in depth books about credit repair that there is.

“The Credit Repair Black Book” by Mark Kennedy is another example of a great credit repair book that could serve you very well. My philosophy is, if you are going to do your own credit repair, go ahead and take the time to read several books before you start. Even if if costs you $50, that’s nothing compared to what an attorney or credit repair company will charge you, or compared to how much you could potentially save by having great credit. This book has some great tips in it.

“Hidden Credit Repair Secrets” is one of Amazon’s highest ranking credit repair books, and for good reason. Written by industry leader Mark Clayborne, this book includes a step by step dispute plan and access to Mark’s credit repair company if you need it. The Kindle version is $8.49, and the paperback sells for $14.40.

Our own Amazon credit repair book is “High Performance Credit Repair”, and it’s packed full of information. You can download it right now for a limited time for less than a buck (just $0.99).

In it you will find the secret tactics that collectors use to report inaccurate information onto your credit report, and how to remove them for free once and for all. Your purchase also includes over 40 professional dispute letter templates that you can rewrite and use for your own credit repair.

It’s on sale for just $0.99 for a limited time. Download from right now.