Fix Your Credit Consulting

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“Fix Your Credit” Consulting Agencies May Be Able To Help

Prior to your initial credit consultation you will need to have access to your credit reports.

Click here if you don’t know how to receive your credit reports for free.

Here is what you can expect during your initial credit consultation:

  1. A comprehensive review of every detail on each of your 3 credit reports, including your total account history, negative information being reported about you, requests by companies to view your credit reports, public records, your name and address history and more.
  2. You will work with your credit repair counselor to develop a plan to resolve your issues.  This could be debt counseling, debt negotiation or consolidation, credit counseling, disputing inaccurate information, requesting additional information from data furnishers or credit reporting agencies, filing official complaints, or other actions or a combination of actions.
  3. Your individual circumstances will dictate the exact approach to your situation.  Your “fix your credit” consulting professional will design your individual solution to be the fastest, most effective and synergistic solution to improving your credit worthiness and ensuring any information appearing on your credit reports is appearing legally and in accordance with your rights.

Any negative items found in your credit reports will be investigated.  Corroborating information will be requested from the data furnisher who is reporting about you to the credit bureau(s).  This could be an original creditor, a debt collector, an attorney or another party.  Often times we will also contact the credit bureau(s) for additional information. Once all responses have been received, they will be carefully compared to the information actually appearing on your credit report.  Many times the information is not being reported accurately, and will need to be removed.  Legally, accurate information cannot be removed, however it must be being reported to the credit bureaus accurately.  If, for instance, a collections company is claiming you owe them $3,900 dollars when you originally owed another party $1,700, then this information may be inaccurate and in need of deletion from your report.  Only a comprehensive review of all available information can determine if it is being reported accurately.

Be very careful when communicating as the actions you take could have huge consequences.  It is possible to “restart” the 7 year window that negative information is reported about you to credit bureaus if you say the wrong things.  You can find a little more information about that here, and much more online.  Make sure you do a ton of quality research on the internet or consult with a professional before you begin if you decide to go it alone. “Fix your credit” consulting agencies are individuals or corporations who do this for a living.  Many times they can get you the results you want if you don’t have the time or don’t want to take the risk to do it yourself.  Liberty Credit Consulting can start repairing your credit today for free.